Just before Christmas, the first of its kind club with exclusive interior design, realised by renowned professionals, was open to the citizens and guests of the city of Razgrad.

The innovative style of “Soho” Club is the work of the professional designers from “Goev” Studio. In absolute synchrony with the complex concept of the club is the music, which is soft and even at daytime, and challenging and provoking in the late-night hour. The star of this unconventional combination is the sound system by the world-famous Martin Audio. The concept of the club is based on a metamorphosis of a coffee and food bar into a night club. “Soho” skillfully interweaves a pleasant setting, tight schedule of events, impressive lighting and of course, perfect sound.

Only a few months later, when the weather outside grows warmer, “Soho” will offer its guests a summer garden and a children’s corner for the club’s youngest visitors. Until then, on party days, established DJs will maintain the level of emotion high. The rest of the time, thematic evenings await the guests of the night club. With regard to this ambition of his, Mr. Marian Kirilov, owner of the “Soho” Club, shared, “I had heard of the Martin Audio systems and their contribution to the evolution of club life in the world, as a number of quite significant night clubs use them. I contacted their representatives in Bulgaria, who made the best offer to suit our purposes. We liked it that their concept for the system is very pure at first sight, but infallibly solves all complex issues in the interior design”.

The excellent beat of the music is supported by latest-generation professional audio components of the famous London-based company Martin Audio: four two-way AQ8 speakers, four AQ112 subwoofers, two C115 broadband speakers, a AQX system controller, and MA3.0 and MA1.4 digital amplifiers.

The explosive combination of attractive comfort, shaking sound and quality spectacular lighting ranks “Soho” Club in the vanguard of the most visited club destinations in Bulgaria.