Everyone who has ever passed through the southern beach of the sea capital and imbibed its unique atmosphere knows what Cubo means to the intelligent and free-spirited citizens and guests of Varna. For all of them, as well as for the owners and the bar staff, there has been only one question recently - will Cubo continue to exist?

As if reborn, with a new, larger spot on the beach strip, and undergone a transformation into a hacienda-bar, this peculiar oasis started the new season soaked in the familiar doses of originality, imagination and a lot of work. Work that is also motivated by the desire to fight the skepticism of all who thought that the true fans of non-commercial nu jazz, funk and soul rhythm can be gathered in a place which is not larger than a marquee. All of them can already unfold their senses at large.

A truly concert atmosphere is created by the completely new stage, erected in less than a day, on which the loudspeakers from the Omniline micro-line array of Martin Audio – exclusively represented in Bulgaria by the Imperia AV, are concentrated. Years ago, when they were first installed in Cubo, they caused a real scandal among fans and professionals alike with the imposing ratio among size, appearance, power and quality of the sound. Daniel Dragoev – co-owner of the bar, commented, “Following our successful long-standing cooperation with the representatives of Martin Audio, they didn’t even have to present to us the software simulation of the new speaker configuration. We were certain of the optimal result.”

Now the system is complemented with four new elements in the line array due to the expansion of the club with terraces, together with МА2.8Q, MA 1.3S and MA 4.2 amplifiers, a DX 1.5 controller, two low-frequency Blackline S18+ units, and a Rodec MX-180 Original mixer, all of which guarantee the soft and thrilling sound, which until recently was a taboo for our Black Sea coast.

World famous artists such as DJ ALA and Aaron Dae already performed behind the mixer, and DJ Ilko, DJ Marten, DJ George Quest, DJ Hot Topp and Crazy P, as well as the legendary John Morales (Studio 54) confirmed their participation until the end of the summer. All of them, as well as the local sensation Jazz Profilaktika, Ruth Koleva and Ficho (Phuture Shock), FM Funky Miracle, the hot acoustic guitars of Rumba Aficionado and a lot of others promise one more hot and club summer. The bar management also promise a big surprise for their most loyal fans, which for the time being they wish to keep a secret.

Thus, at the risk of being accused of local chauvinism, here in Varna we continue to simply maintain that Cubo is goodo!