What does a dance club need to be the most technologically advanced in Bulgaria? Is it possible that it can happen in the context of economical and political crisis and how did Shoumen become the trendiest club destination in the country?

The answers to these questions lie in the mentioned city, where the ambition of a team of professionals for a drastic change in the club life has led to the opening of Club Sound on March 1st. Still in its embryonic stage, this newest location on our unpopulated club map started meeting the requirements for a really extreme club experience in all of its aspects.

The beginning of the story lies in an old cinema, where intensive construction work had been going on for more than six months to convert it into a modern, club-culture propaganda center.

The architecture, comprising a small and a large hall, is more than suitable, as it enables the successful holding of events of various scale and nature. The interior suggests cosiness with no cliches.The sound luxury is the main emphasis in the club, as can be seen from its name.

To achieve it, the owner Svilen Dimitrov embraced the idea of a system that consists entirely of products by Martin Audio, similar to the best clubs in the world. He shared, “The choice of equipment is of great importance to the future of each club. That is why we invested in the best one! Over the last ten years Martin Audio have had the greatest number of successful club realizations, not including Ministry of Sound, where the system is one of a kind.”

At the base of the sound in the large hall lie the four W8VDQ speakers, underlying the concept of Martin Audio’s revolutionary series MLA, which has already won the prestigious award “Parnelli” in the “Sound” category, as well as awards from the most prestigious audio forums PLASA and Musikmesse. The bass section consists of four WS218X. All of them are fed by six two-way digital amplifiers MA5.2K controlled by a microprocessor, which in addition to their monstrous power and incredibly precise and detailed sound picture have surprisingly compact sizes and a strikingly small weight: 5,200 Watts per 8 kilograms.

The visual effects are built based on LED lighting from 12 moving heads, 8 scanners and 24 spotlights with a total luminous flux of 200,000 lumens in over 16,000,000 colours. The classic one-metre disco ball is a compulsory part of the light show. The highlight in it is indisputably the only one in our country multi-colour laser with real power of 4,000 mW, modified scanning motors with speed of 80,000 points per second, RGB diodes for achievement of all most complex and impressive, complemented with a mirror system for a multi-ray show. It is manufactured in Germany by the long-experienced  world leader Tarm Showlaser in compliance with the highest requirements for technology and safety of modelling the classic and 3D patterns.

The DJ equipment is also of the latest generation. The CDJ-2000 players by Pioneer are preferred by most artists due to the possibility to work with a wide range of professional memory media, controllers and software, as well as due to their precise “reading”. They set up with Pioneer’s digital mixer DJM-2000. The monitor system is exceptionally comfortable – two F15+ speakers from the Blackline series, which easily transmit to the DJ the energy and atmosphere of the dance floor.

The small hall has two levels, and offers lower sound pressure and more “chill” flavour, but a compromise with the sound quality here is also out of the question. It is provided by four speakers from the AQ8 model of Martin Audio and two low-frequency AQ212. The system is made complete with MA3.0 and MA2.0 amplifiers by the same manufacturer. Two CDJ-850 players and again a DJM-2000 mixer by Pioneer fill in the audio puzzle.The French techno star DJ Maverickz, who shook Shoumen in the night of the club opening, had the pleasure and honour of working with this audio and technological hit for the first time. After a walk on the dance floor, he admitted to the camera of, ”The alchemy between sound and lights right here at Club Sound is literally impressive. I am really fascinated by the installation in this place!”.

The national club legend DJ Steven from Metropolis was the second guest of the club. After his set, in a company of friends and fans, he summarised the advantages of Martin Audio’s sound at Club Sound, “The characteristics of the previous number one system in Bulgaria fall way behind in comparison with the system here!” Following this recognition, the club management proudly took over the leadership in the business.